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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Authority Stat | What is it, what does it do, how to increase?

There are a lot of confusing details hidden away in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, such as the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Authority Stat. The game doesn’t do a wonderful job at explaining what the Authority stat does, or how to increase the Authority stat. Fortunately, that’s what we’re here for. Read on to discover exactly what the Authority stat is in Fire Emblem: Three Heroes, what it does, and how you can increase it. You could say that we’re the authority on the subject.

What is the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Authority stat?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Authority stat

As stated above, there are plenty of different stats in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Keeping track of all of them can prove difficult, for sure. To make matters worse, the game doesn’t do a fantastic job of explaining all of them. This is particularly true of the Authority stat.

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Authority is another stat that you can raise just like the Sword, Ax, Lance, etc. You won’t find it listed in the stats that increase after you level up during battles, however. You’ll level up the Authority stat in a slightly different way—more on that towards the end of this guide. Your main character and individual units will have their own Authority stats that you can level up.

What does the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Authority stat do?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Authority stat

Now you know what the Authority stat is, you’ll want to know what it’s for. Unlike stats such as HP, Strength, Sword, and the like, the Authority stat doesn’t have such a direct influence on battles. Instead, the Authority stat is used for the two following purposes:

  • Battalions
  • Student Recruitment

How to Unlock Battalions

We’ll begin with Battalions. Battalions are a useful new feature in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Battalions support your units in battle and you can use them in a variety of different ways. They can help you with attacking and defending by raising your stats and even by healing. A Battalion can use a unique ability called a Gambit, too. Gambits need to be charged in order to be used and will dramatically raise stats such as Might and Hit.

You can recruit Battalions once you complete the mission “Leading the Charge.” Completing the “Bolstering Forces” mission unlocks the Battalion Guild. You will need to do so in order to hire Battalions. Each Battalion you hire will require a set level of Authority.

Student Recruitment

The other main use of the Authority stat is Student Recruitment. This is where your main character’s Authority stat comes into play. Different students demand different stat level requirements in order for you to recruit them to your House. Some will need you to have a high Authority stat before you can recruit them. Typically speaking, you will need other stats such as Charm or Faith raised before you can recruit any students, too.

How to Increase Fire Emblem: Three Houses Authority stat

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Authority stat

Now that you know what the Authority stat is and what it does, you will want to know how to increase it. Thankfully, there are a couple of simple ways in which you can increase the Authority stat of your main character and individual units.

To raise the Authority stat of the main character, you should take part in Choir Practice. Any time you can take part in a Choir Practice, you should, as it will raise your Authority stat a little. Taking part in Faculty Training Sessions should raise your Authority stat a little each time, too.

Leveling up your Authority stat skill as individual units should be simple enough, too. Every time you fight as a unit with a Battalion equipped, that character’s Authority level should rise. If you change a student’s goal to focus on Authority, the stat should increase more quickly, too, being granted an experience boost in that field at the end of every week.