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Death Stranding PS5 Release Date | Is it coming to PlayStation 5?

Hideo Kojima’s first independent title is out now for PS4 and though it’s been slightly divisive, we and many others are thoroughly enjoying the latest creation from one of video games’ few auteurs— just check out the review. We already know that a PC version of Death Stranding is set to release in 2020, but what about a version for Sony’s next-generation PlayStation 5 hardware? Here’s what we know about a potential Death Stranding PS5 release date so far.

Will Death Stranding come to PS5?

Death Stranding PS5 release date

Although there’s nothing concrete on a Death Stranding PS5 port at this time, during an interview with Wired back in April of 2019, PlayStation system architect Mark Cerny is said to have given a “smile and pregnant pause” in response to the suggestion that Death Stranding would be a PS4 release. This has been interpreted as a nod towards a potential PS5 version, though it could just as easily have been prompted by his knowledge of the planned PC port.

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Regardless, with developer Kojima Productions working to bring the game to high-end PC hardware, it’s possible to speculate that the team’s work might provide them with all of the necessary assets to create a high fidelity console version for the PlayStation 5. With PS5 set for an unspecified holiday 2020 launch date, the timeline could add up. The PS4 version arrived in November 2019, the PC version is scheduled to follow in summer 2020, then a possible PS5 version in holiday 2020 (if it were to coincide with the machine’s launch) would round things out nicely.

Wider availability would also serve to further the game’s themes of connectivity, which are at the core of this inaugural title in what Kojima dubs the new “strand” genre. Of course, that’s just speculation for now, as no official announcement has been made regarding the potentiality of getting Death Stranding on PS5.

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