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Gears Tactics Microtransactions | Are there loot boxes?

While some games have them, others don’t, so it’s always worth a question: Are there Gears Tactics microtransactions? In this guide, we’ll let you in on whether there are any microtransactions in the Gears of War spinoff or not. Read on to discover whether there are Gears Tactics loot boxes or not. Find out what you can spend money on in Gears Tactics below.

Are there Gears Tactics microtransactions?

Gears Tactics Microtransactions

There are no Gears Tactics microtransactions. There are, however, loot boxes in the game that you unlock via game progression. You cannot purchase items in the game, but you can unlock Gears Tactics loot cases. So while there are no microtransactions for in-game items, you can unlock loot cases to open through simply playing the game.

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Depending on your opinion on microtransactions, this is either a good or bad thing. Not being able to buy loot boxes, however, is probably a good thing for most people. If you’re craving the random nature of a loot box, though, they are there, for free. A win-win situation.

How to unlock Gears Tactics loot cases

As stated above, you cannot unlock loot cases in Gears Tactics by buying them. You can unlock Gears Tactics loot cases via in-game progression. This means that you should unlock loot cases by playing through the game and completing missions. The more missions you complete, the more loot cases you should unlock.

It appears as though you should unlock items such as new weapon mods and the like. It seems, too, as there are different kinds of loot cases to unlock. We’ve encountered the Common Case, at least, which has awarded us with a Common Light Barrel Retro Lancer Mod. It’s safe to assume that you will unlock better and different loot cases the harder the mission is.

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