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Are Horizon Zero Dawn PC mods supported?

Are Horizon Zero Dawn PC mods supported? The HZD PC port is finally out, but does it include mod support to help set it apart from the PS4 version? Stick around for the answer in this Horizon Zero Dawn PC modding guide.

Is there Horizon Zero Dawn PC mod support?

Horizon Zero Dawn PC mods

Horizon Zero Dawn PC doesn’t support mods natively. Developer Guerrilla Games hasn’t built any dedicated HZD mod support into the PC game. Despite this, it’s still possible that passionate players will release Horizon Zero Dawn PC mods to download in the future. This close to launch, however, that hasn’t happened yet.

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are both former PlayStation 4 exclusives that eventually made their way to PC storefront Steam. The pair of Quantic Dream titles released earlier this summer (June 18) and already have fan-implemented mods. If that’s a sign of things to come, it shouldn’t be too long before Horizon PC mods are available.

It’s hard to say what the mods might entail ahead of time, though betting on everything from performance boosters to ridiculous outfits seems about right. As noted in our review, the PC port isn’t without its issues; Horizon Zero Dawn performance-boosting mods could be in high demand as a result.

If you are having issues with HZD PC performance, try out what we think are the best settings. We also have fixes for lag and low FPS should you be encountering either of those problems.

Are Horizon Zero Dawn PC mods supported?

  • HZD PC doesn’t have any integrated mod support, including Steam Workshop.
  • Dedicated fans could get Horizon Zero Dawn PC mods working in the future.
  • Keep an eye on third-party modding sites, where any Horizon PC mods would likely be released for download.
  • There aren’t any mods available at the time of writing.

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