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Phasmophobia Cheats and Hacks | Flashlight glitch, easy money, and more

Phasmophobia can be intensely creepy, which has some players searching for hacks and cheats to make their lives easier. In this guide, players can learn some helpful Phasmophobia cheats and hacks for PC. These include the Phasmophobia flashlight bug, money hack, and infinite max players cheat.

Best Phasmophobia cheats and hacks list

Phasmophobia cheats and hacks

In Phasmophobia, players hunt a range of ghosts. Doing so requires gathering clues — unusually low temperatures, for example — to defeat the evil spirits and earn cash. While up to four users attempt to crack the investigation, ghosts can interfere with equipment and even outright kill players. Through the use of Phasmophobia hacks and cheats, however, the process becomes much easier.

Flashlight glitch

Currently, the most notable Phasmophobia cheat is the flashlight glitch. It’s been reported that users not playing in VR can press the “T” key to turn on the flashlight even when it isn’t actively equipped. This frees the user’s hands to carry out tasks like setting up equipment, all while still being able to see clearly.

Infinite money and XP

As for Phasmophobia hacks, there are a few things that players can achieve by editing the Phasmophobia game files. This includes gaining infinite money and XP by employing the following method (via Lonick3 of unknowncheats):

  1. Press Windows key + R
  2. Type ‘regedit’ without quotation marks in ‘Open’ field
  3. Go to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kinetic Games\Phasmophobia
  4. Press CTRL + F and search for PlayersMoney_h
  5. Choose “Decimal” and enter the value you want for money and for XP

Remove player cap and add unlimited players

It’s also possible to remove the Phasmophobia player cap, allowing for unlimited players in a co-op session. These alterations can be made to a legitimately purchased Steam version of the game, though some Phasmophobia file hacks can not.

It’s unlikely that any of these Phasmophobia exploits are intended. Developer Kinetic Games releases frequent Phasmophobia updates, so all of the cheats and hacks featured here will likely be patched out in time.

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