Can you play as Marcus in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Although Ubisoft dropped the number from its title, Watch Dogs: Legion is the third entry in the popular series. Typically, Watch Dogs games aren’t shy about bringing back characters as fan service. With that in mind, some players are wondering: Can you play as Marcus in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Is Marcus Holloway from Watch Dogs 2 in WD: Legion?

Can you play as Marcus in Watch Dogs: Legion

While Aidan Pearce (the protagonist of the original game) had his fans, most players preferred Watch Dogs 2 protagonist Marcus Holloway. Marcus showed a lot more personality, so the announcement that Pearce will be playable in Legion raised a few eyebrows. Naturally, speculation has turned to whether Marcus will appear in Watch Dogs: Legion next.

Marcus Holloway is not a playable character in Watch Dogs: Legion. Although users can’t play as Marcus, they can cosplay as the Watch Dogs 2 protagonist by unlocking his jacket via Ubisoft Connect. To unlock the Marcus Holloway jacket in Watch Dogs: Legion, users must have played WD2 on the same Uplay account. It’s also available to purchase with Uplay Points earned by completing in-game tasks.

Though no Marcus Holloway DLC has been announced at the time of writing, it’s possible that he could make a surprise appearance in any of the upcoming season pass content. Hopefully, Marcus will make a cameo appearance at the very least. Wrench (one of the DedSec members from Watch Dogs 2) is making a comeback alongside Pearce, leaving the door open for Marcus to complete the trifecta.

Additionally, it’s possible that a Marcus Holloway Watch Dogs: Legion Easter egg is already in the game. The new Watch Dogs title has just come out, so it could be a while before players uncover every secret. After all, there is precedent for this within the franchise.

Until then, unlocking the Beekeeper and Spy Car in Watch Dogs: Legion are great ways to pass the time.