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What does the Watch Dogs: Legion green dot mean?

The Watch Dogs: Legion green dot appears above the heads of some potential recruits, along with also appearing in the game’s mini-map. But what does it mean? The green dot is different from the green symbol with the silhouette of a recruit in it, which signifies a Specialist Operative. This green dot is smaller and doesn’t remain on the map, meaning you have to be quick if you wish to secure the recruit attached to it. So what is the green dot?

What is the green dot in Watch Dogs: Legion?

watch dogs legion green dot what does it mean

The green dot in Watch Dogs: Legion signifies a recruit who has a unique ability that is rarely possessed by others. These abilities are typically more unusual than the abilities possessed by other recruits, meaning that they will be more unique additions to the player’s DedSec team.

An example of a recruit with a green dot is the Living Statue who appears in the West End. This Living Statue allows the Operative to hide from pursuit, an ability that isn’t mirrored in any meaningful capacity elsewhere.

To recruit a Watch Dogs: Legion Operative with a green dot, players must analyze them and begin their recruiting mission. After doing so, the recruit with the green dot will join DedSec in their mission to overthrow Albion. However, there is a limit to how many Operatives that players can recruit in Legion, though players can also delete and retire Operatives from their team if they no longer wish to use them.

There are a variety of unique Operatives in the Watch Dogs: Legion, from the Beekeeper through to the Spy, while it also contains Prestige Operatives that are purchasable through Legion‘s in-game store. GameRevolution called Watch Dogs: Legion “tremendous fun” in our review, also branding it one of “the most enjoyable games” of the year.