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Is Valheim free-to-play on PC via Steam?

Valheim has had a meteoric rise to success, and one of the best ways to attract players is with a F2P business model. In that case, putting two and two together — is Valheim free-to-play? Here’s the lowdown on how much the Norse Viking survival game costs for Windows and Linxus PCs via Steam.

Is Valheim free-to-play?

is Valheim free-to-play?

Valheim is a premium game that costs $19.99 on Steam. Although it is not a free-to-play title, as a paid product, it does not feature the controversial practice of microtransactions.

Free-to-play games can dominate the market, just as Valheim currently is, thanks in large part to their supreme accessibility. They often have basic graphics to boot, again in the name of being approachable to a wider audience. Valheim fits the bill there, too. So, with evidence seemingly mounting, it’s easy to assume that the new survival title doesn’t have a price tag. At the time of writing, however, that is not the case.

The news that Valheim isn’t free may be disappointing to some, but, in the long run, it could save players money. If there was a Valheim F2P release, many users would likely spend over $20 on MTX and DLC items. Instead, the Valheim roadmap provides additional content via free game updates.

Furthermore, in-app purchases often get criticism for being the death of cheat codes. Valheim has tons of console command cheats that let players gain items and abilities at no additional charge. If the game were free, it’s unlikely that these would be so easily accessible, or even available to the public at all.

Valheim Cost | How much is it?

Valheim is out now and available to purchase for $19.99 on Steam. It’s currently in early access and playable on PC, via Windows and Linux.

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