Does Nintendo Switch Pro OLED fix Joy-Con drift?

The Nintendo Switch Pro OLED model is officially out of the bag, finally! Gamers are anticipating getting their hands on the new model, but one big question remains: Does the Nintendo Switch Pro OLED fix joy-con drift? Here’s the latest on a solution to the Switch analog stick drifting issue.

Is there a new Nintendo Switch Pro OLED Joy-Con drift fix?

The Nintendo Switch Pro OLED model features all-new white Joy-Con controllers. Nintendo is manufacturing new controllers for the console, though it isn’t yet clear if they feature a Joy-Con drift fix.

Externally, the Joy-Cons look the same — albeit in a different color scheme. At this early stage, it’s impossible to say for certain whether or not there are any internal improvements. For the Nintendo Switch OLED to be a truly superior model, however, it could really do with a stick drift solution.

Joy-Con drift sees the analog stick(s) registering movement on their own, first appearing on the launch model. The same issue would then come back with a vengeance in the Nintendo Switch Lite remodel, with stick drift reports surfacing soon after its release. This issue has taken Nintendo to court, plus led to a French publication naming the Switch its most fragile product.

Nintendo’s OLED Switch model most notably comes with a bigger and brighter screen. Despite this, it still won’t support 4K resolution gaming. It does, however, adopt a familiar color scheme. In addition to matching the PS5, it also matches the Xbox Series S. When it comes to price, the new handheld hybrid falls closer to the latter console.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model release date is October 8, 2021. There isn’t too long to wait now until players can get their hand on the Nintendo Switch Pro upgrade.

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