Fortnite Roblox Collab

Fortnite Roblox Collab: Is The Crossover Real or Fake?

According to a tweet from popular Roblox Youtuber KreekCraft, a Fortnite Roblox collab is happening. However, this was a just a joke, and no crossover has been officially confirmed. For some reason, KreekCraft decided that a fake Fortnite x Roblox crossover was funny. He encouraged his audience to pretend like it’s real after tweeting about it during the premiere of the Fortnite Chapter 4 trailer.

Is Roblox being added to Fortnite?

No, a Fortnite Roblox collab is not in the works. KreekCraft decided to tweet a fake reveal of the crossover, stating that he couldn’t “believe they’re adding Roblox to Fortnite” just to fool everyone. During a livestream of the Fortnite Chapter 4 Fracture event, he typed out the tweet, laughing at the jest, and asked his followers to reply to the tweet while acting as if the Fortnite Roblox collab is real. Wondering how many people would be fooled by the tweet, he said he can’t wait to see how “so many people will be confused.”

Since then, other Twitter users have tried to join in on the ruse with one posting a fake Roblox Russo skin, and another allegedly finding evidence of a Roblox and Fortnite Battle Royale image in the game’s files. But don’t fall for any of it.

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