Fire Emblem Engage How to Recruit Jean Best Class Best Gifts

Fire Emblem Engage Jean: How to Recruit, Best Class, Best Gifts to Increase Support Rank

You can recruit Jean in Fire Emblem Engage in the first set of Paralogue Quests. Jean is a healer and can be a very valuable member of your party. However, he is missable, so you’ll want to make sure and get him as soon as possible. We’ll show you how to unlock Jean, discuss the best class for him, and what the best gifts to give him to increase his Support Rank are below.

How to recruit Jean in Fire Emblem Engage

Fire Emblem Engage Talk to Jean

To unlock Jean in Fire Emblem Engage, follow these steps:

  • Complete Chapter 5.
  • Read the notification about Paralogue Quests
  • Head to Tea-Field Village to start Paralogue: Budding Talent
  • Move the hero adjacent to Jean during the battle and use the “Talk” option to speak with him.
  • Jean will join your group.

After you’ve won the battle, a cutscene will play, and Jean will permanently unlock.

Best Class for Jean

In Fire Emblem Engage, the best class for Jean is Marital Monk. Once you hit level 10, you can promote him to a Martial Master. This leans into his backstory as the son of a village doctor and keeps him focused on the role of a healer.

Of course, you can always use a Second Seal to completely switch things up for him if desired. It’s Fire Emblem, so he can excel in any class with enough work.

Best Gifts for Jean

So far, we’ve found these are the best gifts for Jean in Fire Emblem Engage to raise Support Rank:

  • Dragon Scripture
  • Elyos History
  • Fairy-Tale Book
  • Philosophy Book
  • Poetry Book
  • Tea Leaves

On the flip side, here are the gifts he hates:

  • Dried Meat
  • Muscle Balm
  • Training Weights

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