How Many Fire Emblem Engage Chapters

How Many Fire Emblem Engage Chapters Are There?

There are 26 chapters in Fire Emblem Engage. Though this is a significant increase in number over the previous game, Engage’s chapters can whizz by quickly. With that said, Fire Emblem Engage’s 26 chapters will still take most players between 40-60 hours to complete, so it’s definitely not a short experience.

List of all Fire Emblem Engage chapters

  1. Awake at Last
  2. Queen Lumera
  3. Hostilities
  4. A Land in Bloom
  5. Retaking the Castle
  6. The Stolen Ring
  7. Dark Emblem
  8. The Kingdom of Might
  9. A Clash of Forces
  10. The Fell Dragon Sombron
  11. Retreat
  12. The Sentinels
  13. Heroes of the Oasis
  14. The Battle for Solm
  15. Dancer in the Ruins
  16. Seashore Travels
  17. Serenity in Ruin
  18. The Cold Voyage
  19. The Dead Town
  20. The Kingless Castle
  21. The Return
  22. The Fell and The Divine
  23. The Four Hounds
  24. Recollections
  25. The Final Guardian
  26. The Last Engage

On average, each chapter should take 1.5/2 hours to beat, though some are shorter than others. Once all 26 chapters have been completed, the game ends and the credits roll. The land is safe again!

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