Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Toy Set Flipping Into Stores This Fall

There’s no denying that Rocket League is still a huge gaming phenomenon. The game averages around 30,000 players on Steam and has had around 50 million total players in three years across all the platforms. It makes sense that Hot Wheels would continue to want in on that car soccer action. Alongside the Triple Threat DLC released last month, the Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals set hits toy stores in the real world on November 1 for $180.

For that price, you get two fully functional RC battle-cars modeled after Octane and Dominus. Besides that, you get a ball to slam through the goal and a small charging station and display stand. To complete the set, you also get a full playfield that mimics the classic Rocket League arena. To play a full game of real-life Rocket League, just hook your compatible iOS or Android smart device to the free app. You’ll be piloting your RC speedster in no time.

Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals Octane Gameplay

Of course, if you’re picking up this kind of setup, you’re likely also an avid Rocket League player. Thankfully, the toy also comes with some digital swag that lets you show off your love for Evil Weevil. It adds a Hot Wheels topper to the game that replicates the physical version of the entire set. You can also show off an explosive Hot Wheels logo whenever you score a goal and decorate your car with a pair of new decals.

The Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals toy set will be available at Amazon, GameStop, Target, and Walmart. If you can’t wait till then, the Triple Threat DLC pack is out now in the video game version of Rocket League. This brings the Gazella GT, MR11, and FAST 4WD into the game alongside more digital doodads for $5.99. There’s also the Bone Shaker and Twin Mill III Hot Wheels cars in the game, which are sold separately for $1.99.