New studio ‘Winterborn’ opened by ex-Call of Duty devs

Former ex-Infinity Ward developers have formed a new home. Winterborn looks to be an entirely different beast than its predecessor.

Kent Gambill, who is the head of the studio as well as a designer and programmer, previously worked at Infinity Ward as an engineer, working on a number of Call of Duty games including Ghosts, Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare.

Moudy Hamo, another member of the team, alsoworked at Infinity Ward in the past as an artist. Other members of the team include Jack Steele as a programmer, Stephen Boilegh who will produce music and sound effects, and Trevor Osz as the team’s social media and community manager.

They are already working on their first game, which will be a departure from Call of Duty’s realistic take on war. It will be a tactical RPG based on Gambill’s own fantasy world that he created as a child.

“I’ve had a story I wanted to finish telling for 12 years,” Gambill said to “Honestly, it’s been a dream of mine to make the kind of game I grew up on and I love tactical RPGs.

“I have this epic story I started telling when I created my own tabletop game when I was 15 years old that lasted almost a decade that I never got to finish, and I always wanted to turn that universe into a video game” he further added.

Infinity Ward, meanwhile, is continuing its work on the Call of Duty franchise. A return of a former Modern Warfare designer could indicate that there will be a new entry in the Modern Warfare series soon. It could even feature a battle royale mode, which has been made into a popular genre thanks to the successes of Fortnite, among others.

There also seems to be an indication that a sequel to Call of Duty Ghosts may be on the way based on tweets from Infinity Ward’s social media manager.