Upcoming Stardew Valley update 1.4 detailed

Stardew Valley, the brainchild of one Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone, is getting a new free content update soon. This update version 1.4 is “packed with new stuff and quality of life features that will make playing Stardew Valley smoother and more fun,” the creator revealed in a tweet.

For example, when players die in a mine, they’ll lose some items in their inventory. If one of those items was valuable, a player can now head to the wizard Marlon to buy it back. Also, all of the changes brought by this update will be available in multiplayer as well as single-player. In fact, “a few new features are multiplayer-only, but nothing that is single-player only,” says ConcernedApe.

In response to the thread, Barone says that update 1.4 will come to PC before other platforms, but will move there shortly after. As you may know, Stardew Valley launched on PC, and then came to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS, and the Nintendo Switch. Just recently the game came to Android as well.

In another tweet, Barone also gave context on a multiplayer update for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Here, he told that there were a couple of “technical roadblocks” but that the changes are now in Quality Assurance. ConcernedApe believes the update will be out next month.

Since the game’s release in February 2016, Eric Barone has been pushing free content updates as fast as he can. The man made the game all by himself and continues to run as a one-man show. In fact, in the first week of the game’s release, Barone put out four content updates to cater to bugs and other issues.

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