Fall Guys are actually horrifying abominations, according to new art

The Fall Guys Twitter account is the premier spot for goofy memes, silly lore bits, or charity campaigns, but it finally ventured into “what the fuck” territory by revealing what the beans look like on in the inside. Mediatonic’s Senior Concept Artist Tudor Morris drew up this horrifying “official” abomination because “[the players] asked for it,” according to the twisted tweet below.

Even though the account warned that it was disturbing, an overwhelming 89% of voters wanted to see it anyway. There has been no follow-up poll asking how many of those wish they could unsee it. And while already knew that Fall Guys were around six feet tall, no one probably guessed that they housed a human/chicken skeleton hybrid inside their presumably soft exteriors.

Of course, the eyes are probably the most haunting part of the image as they snake out from the internal skull. Or is it the mouth that doesn’t appear to have a hole to actually speak through? Maybe the cute “woo” noises that come out as they tumble around Slime Climb are actually muffled screams of pain. If anything, “muffled screams of pain” encapsulate that nightmare fuel of an image.

Morris’ ArtStation page is full of similarly grotesque and impressive art. But even though there’s a spider-pig and a couple fascists on that page, nothing quite compares to the science experiment gone wrong that is that Fall Guys skeleton.