10 indie games you need to play in 2020

2020 is set to be an incredible year for gaming as we’re seeing some heavily hyped PS4 exclusives finally come out in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and The Last of Us 2, and the launch of Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles. However, these are far from the only great titles that will be coming out later this year. There are a bunch of awesome 2020 indie games that are well worth your attention.

With a huge gaming year ahead of us, make sure that you don’t miss out on these 10 indie games you need to play in 2020.

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2020 Indie Games | Axiom Verge 2

2020 indie games

Thomas Happ Games’ Axiom Verge is one of the best Metroidvania titles ever made and features so much polish that the revelation that it was made by just one person is shocking (Happ even composed the game’s soundtrack). Five years after the original released on PS4, we’re now seeing a follow-up arrive in the form of Axiom Verge 2. The debut trailer didn’t show off a ton about the sequel other than offering up a glimpse at some of the cool weaponry players will get to use, but it did reveal a fall 2020 release date.

2020 Indie Games | Coffee Talk

Similar to VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender ActionCoffee Talk has players serving players drink. However, rather than offering up alcoholic beverages, they’ll play as a barista. The idea of playing a passive role in people’s stories and seeing their lives change over time is still interesting, and I love that this type of adventure game doesn’t revolve around dialogue choices. Early previews have been quite positive and the full game releases on January 29, so players won’t have to wait long.

2020 Indie Games | Haven

The Game Bakers made itself a company to watch after it developed the excellent boss-rush action game Furi. Now it’s back with the visually stunning Haven, which is coming out on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year. While this isn’t playing to their past game’s strengths, it’s a blend between a role-playing game and an adventure title, Haven seems quite interesting. With how good Furi was, I’m not going to bet against the studio delivering another great game.

2020 Indie Games | Hollow Knight: Silksong

2020 indie games

Since this is a sequel to the excellent Hollow Knight, there isn’t much need to really sell it. The follow-up to one of the best Metroidvanias ever made will star a new protagonist in the form of Hornet, a fan-favorite character from the original. I can’t wait to learn more about the silk-covered kingdom she finds herself in and see how developer Team Cherry will look to top itself when Silksong releases later this year.

2020 Indie Games | Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

2020 indie games

One of the greatest indie adventure games ever made will finally come to an end on January 28 as the fifth act of Kentucky Route Zero finally releases. It will also launch alongside console versions of the Americana-themed game on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One as well. The first four installments, which all released throughout the previous decade, encompassed the time period’s bleakness perfectly and it’s only fitting that it wraps up as 2020 seems even more dystopian just days into the new decade.

2020 Indie Games | Murder By Numbers

Sometimes there are titles that feel as if they were developed specifically for myself and Murder By Numbers is one of them. Taking inspiration from Ace Attorney, to the point where they even got the series’ composer Masakazu Sugimori on-board, and blending it with Picross gameplay, this detective game looks incredible. It will release on Switch and PC early this year and features characters designed by Hatoful Boyfriend‘s Hato Moa.

2020 Indie Games | Sable

This gorgeous narrative adventure game for Xbox One, PS4, and PC tells a story of self-discovery as a girl journeys through an alien planet. Sable is easily the best-looking title on this list and is one of the most visually stunning games I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s set to release later this year, and after rewatching its incredible debut trailer, I’m already feeling it tugging at the strings of my heart.

2020 Indie Games | Skatebird

Developed by Glass Bottom Games, Skatebird is a video game about a skateboarding bird. If that doesn’t instantly sell you on the game’s potential then check out the hilarious trailer, which has the bird skating his way through a room on his little Tech Deck-like board. It’s absolutely adorable and considering we might not get a good Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game any time soon, this will be a solid replacement.

2020 Indie Games | The Last Campfire

2020 indie games

The Last Campfire is Hello Games’ first game since releasing No Man’s Sky, and then patching it to the moon and back. While their previous game was one of the most ambitious indie games ever made, this is a title on a much smaller scale. It features a lost ember trying to find its way home and going on an adventure to do so. It looks completely endearing, and I’ve always been impressed with how much heart goes into the developer’s games ever since they released the criminally underrated Joe Danger. While no platforms beyond PC or a specific release date is set in stone, we do know that The Last Campfire slated to release later this year at some point.

2020 Indie Games | Twelve Minutes

Luis Antonio’s real-time thriller has been in the works for years and it’s easy to see why development has taken so long after you find out the game’s twist. It has the player trying to break a 12-minute time loop they’re in and solve a mystery that has his pregnant wife accused of murder. Each time the player replays the scenario, they can use their new information to their advantage, and it’s essentially an interactive and more serious Groundhog Day. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since it was shown off in 2015 by the developer, and it looks leaps and bounds more impressive in its current state. Publisher Annapurna Interactive appears to be putting everything beyond the title, and it truly has the potential to be something special. It’ll releases later this year for both Xbox One and PC.