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Fortnite Shopping Cart Locations: Where to Find Shopping Carts in Fortnite

Fortnite shopping carts are one of the latest additions to the game. Technically they’re the first vehicle in the game, and as such, you’ll likely want to try them. Finding a shopping cart location in Fortnite can be tough, but we’ve searched the map to find some for you to ride in. Below we have all shopping cart locations in Fortnite.

Best Place to Find Shopping Carts in Fortnite

There are quite a few locations in Fortnite that have shopping carts, but there’s one that really stood out to us. In Tilted Towers you can find a few carts concentrated in a relatively small area. This might be the best place to start looking since if someone has grabbed the cart you’re going for already you still have a backup within walking distance.

The Tilted Towers shopping cart locations are:

  • Two by the garage
  • One on the east side towards the river
  • One behind the tower bus
  • And plenty more

I don’t think you’ll find an area with more shopping carts than Tilted Towers in Fortnite, and if you want a sure bet to get one, you should head there.

Fortnite Shopping Cart Locations

Besides Tilted Towers, there’s plenty of places in Fortnite you can find shopping carts. They’re pretty evenly distributed over the map, but not as dense as in Tilted Towers.

  • You can head to GUS on the east side of the map to find a few carts.
  • Retail Row has a few around the Taco Shop, car park, and main store.
  • The factories west of Loot Lake has a cart near the truck in the south. You can find two carts in the mansion at Loot Lake as well.
  • North of Dusty Divot, you can find a shopping cart behind the warehouses.
  • At Greasy Grove there are a few carts around the large store.
  • In Junk Junction, you’ll find a shopping cart near some trucks. There’s another one located right inside the southern entrance as well.

I’m sure there’s even more available throughout the map. This list will help get you started in your quest to ride in a Fortnite shopping cart, though.