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Code Vein Butterfly of Delirium Guide | Beat the poison boss

The Butterfly of Delirium boss in Code Vein waits for you at the end of the Park Ruins area. She’s the first enemy in the game that hits you hard with a status effect: poison. Since you haven’t had to worry about poison to this point, you’ll likely have a bit of trouble adapting to the Butterfly of Delirium’s venomous attacks.

This Code Vein guide will show you how to defeat the Butterfly of Delirium boss. We’ll cover how to counter her moves and what to do if she poisons you.

How to beat the poison boss in Code Vein

Code Vein Butterfly of Delirium Boss Stagger

The Butterfly of Delirium isn’t too difficult to beat as long as you take her out fast. You’ll likely be poisoned at least once, which will sap at your health over time. To help guard against venom, or cure the status if it affects you, you can use Antivenoms. These helpful little items are sold by Coco at your Home Base and are highly recommended for the fight against the Butterfly of Delirium.

You’ll also want to equip armor that is resistant to venom. At the point in the game in which you fight the Butterfly of Delirium, the best armor you have against poison is likely the Queenslayer Thorn.

If you take the Butterfly of Delirium out quick enough, you won’t have to worry too much about venom. Pop an Antivenom before the fight and use more as necessary to cure the status effect. The best defense in this fight is a heavy and brutal offense, so don’t fret too much about being poisoned while fighting.

Code Vein | Butterfly of Delirium attacks and counters

Code Vein Butterfly of Delirium Boss Poison Orb

This poison boss has a fair amount of area effect attacks, which are going to be the real killer. Her strategy is to poison you and let the venom do her dirty work, so many of her moves are designed around inflicting the negative status effect.

In order of danger to you, her more powerful attacks are:

  • When she closes her wings around her body, she’s charging for a short-range 360-degree area of effect attack that inflicts poison damage.
    • Counter: When she closes her wings, dodge back a few times. When the attack concludes, dash in for a quick hit or two.
  • She can launch a single purple orb that can track you around the arena at a fairly good clip.
    • Counter: Deactivate your lock-on and run towards the edge of the arena, then circle around the outside until the orb dissipates.
  • The Butterfly of Delirium can launch three purple orbs in your direction. When these land on the ground, they form a sludge for a short time that can poison you if you run through it.
    • Counter: As long as you can avoid the initial attack, all you have to do is not step in the sludge.
  • She will sometimes jut the monster head straight out in your direction and charge.
    • Counter: Dodge left or right. Once she misses you, she’ll be open for attack for a short period.
  • When you’re close in, the Butterfly of Delirium will swipe at your with the monster head. Sometimes this is just a single strike; sometimes it’s a combo.
    • Counter: Dodge back and access the situation. If it’s just one swipe, you can run back in and hit her. If it’s multiple, you should have room to continue dodging.

How to defeat the Butterfly of Delerium in Code Vein

Code Vein Butterfly of Delirium Boss Poison Tornado

Since her 360 tornado attack is the most dangerous, you’ll want to hang back quite a bit in this fight. Having a faster weapon like a polearm, bayonet or sword is suggested since you can quickly hop in, slash a few times, and hop out. However, you can take her on with a slower weapon as long as you don’t overextend yourself.

The Butterfly of Delirium is weak to fire, so you can use Gifts that either do fire damage directly (like the Caster’s Blazing Roar) or imbue your weapon with fire damage (like Prometheus’s Flame Weapon). You can also try and stagger the Butterfly of Delirium, and she can even be launched. If you can get her on the ground, you and your AI partner can wail on her for a few seconds with no fear of reprisal.

Code Vein Butterfly of Delirium Boss Five Orbs

When her health is at 75%, she gets a bit more aggressive, and that’s when most of her moves above come into play. You’ll find that it’s very easy to take off the first quarter of her health, but once she hits that second phase is when things get tricky. Your best bet is to take an AI partner with you that is either tanky or fights from range. In a pinch you can back off and have them aggro her so you can heal HP and cure venom if necessary.

Again, the main thing to focus on in the fight against the Butterfly of Delirium in Code Vein is hitting her hard and taking her out fast. The more times she can inflict poison on you, the more likely you are to slip up and die to a cheap attack. I used the Berserker Blood Code against her and was reasonably successful, but any class should be able to take her on. Once you learn her patterns and how to avoid venom, then she’s not that hard at all.

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