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How to unlock all Phasmophobia levels and difficulties

After getting to grips with Phasmophobia it doesn’t take some players long to start wanting more of a challenge. Making Phasmophobia harder relies on unlocking progressively more difficult maps and difficulty settings through gameplay, including the hardest professional difficulty setting. Here’s how to unlock all Phasmophobia levels and difficulties on PC.

How do you unlock new levels in Phasmophobia?

How to unlock all Phasmophobia levels

Phasmophobia starts players off with a selection of easier levels, or maps, catered to their beginner skill level. Early Phasmophobia maps are small and the ghosts within them are less aggressive. Additionally, players get more time to set up equipment before the ghost enters its hunting phase.

To get new Phasmophobia levels, which are bigger and more challenging maps, players simply need to level up. Medium Phasmophobia maps are unlocked at player level five, while large Phasmophobia maps unlock at level 10.

Here are all Phasmophobia maps:

  • Street House 1
  • Street House 2
  • Farm House 1
  • Farm House 2
  • Road House
  • High School
  • Asylum

As a general rule, the unlockable late-game Phasmophobia levels are harder to beat. There’s more ground for a team of ghost hunters (between two and four players) to cover, plus it’s easier for the evil spirit to isolate and pick players off individually.

How do you unlock new difficulties in Phasmophobia?

How to unlock all Phasmophobia difficulties

Getting new difficulties in Phasmophobia is a simple case of leveling up the user profile. All players start at amateur difficulty, before unlocking intermediate at level 10 and the professional difficulty setting at level 15.

Users can not change the difficulty in Phasmophobia manually. Instead, there’s a random chance that the game will select each difficulty dependant on a player’s level. These odds lean increasingly in favor of harder Phasmophobia difficulties to keep the experience challenging. The eventual cap is at level 25 when the Phasmophobia difficulty odds are 30% amateur, 40% intermediate, and 30% professional.

Although playing the unlockable Phasmophobia hard mode is a challenge — more aggressive ghosts, no preparation time, faster sanity drain — players earn 2x XP and 3x cash for their efforts.

To help with survival on the Phasmophobia medium difficulty and hard mode, learn to use equipment like the camera, crucifix, spirit box, and ouija board.