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Outriders: How to get Euthanizer mod

The world of Outriders is stuffed to the brim with mods to collect and gear to equip. Armor mods are some of the best ways to increase your character’s offensive power, and many mods are designed with specific classes in mind. Enter the Euthanizer mod, which promises big boosts to damage output for enemies afflicted with Toxic. This is one of the most powerful mods available for Technomancer players, and unsurprisingly, it’s not exactly easy to find. Here’s how to get the Euthanizer mod for yourself.

How to get the Euthanizer mod in Outriders

How to get the Euthanizer mod in Outriders

You can get the Euthanizer mod in Outriders as part of Plague Sower armor set pieces. Euthanizer is particularly helpful for Technomancer players, as the mod increases damage dealt to enemies inflicted by the Toxic status effect.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply pick up any piece of the Plague Sower set. The Euthanizer mode only appears as part of the Plague Sower’s Skull headgear or Plague Sower’s Hands gloves. Otherwise, it’s a tier 3 armor mod that can be used across any class you like.

Find or purchase Plague Sower armor set pieces

To get the Euthanizer mod for yourself, you’ll have to find the right pieces of the Plague Sower set. This usually involves a grind, as most of the game’s armor pieces are dropped as random loot from enemies. You’ll have a higher chance of earning rare and epic loot with higher world tiers, but that of course means facing much more challenging foes.

Luckily, you may find the opportunity to outright buy some of the armor pieces. Like other gear, Plague Sower set pieces can be purchased from Tiago’s shop in exchange for Drop Pod Resources. There are a few catches, though. You’ll need to finish the main story to unlock Expeditions before you can start raking in DPR. Plus, Tiago’s inventory is randomized. You may need to check the shop several times before the piece you need appears.

Thankfully, once you find either the Plague Sower’s Hands or Skull, you can dismantle the piece to get the Euthanizer mod itself. From there, you can apply it to any armor you like.

With that said, you should at least consider keeping three pieces of Plague Sower armor for its set bonus. When three pieces are worn together, applying the Toxic effect to enemies grants a five percent damage reduction for the player. Combine this with Euthanizer’s boost to damage for enemies inflicted with Toxic to get massive damage potential out of the Technomancer.

In short, the best way to get the Euthanizer mod in Outriders is to find the Power Sower’s Skull or Gloves dropped by enemies. If you’re lucky, you may be able to purchase one of the Power Sower set pieces from Tiago.

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