Overwatch Hero 27 Tease Hints at Jetpack Cat and Reinhardt Shield Creator

Overwatch hero 27 is nearly here. Who is it? Well, we’ve been given the biggest clue yet. If you know your Overwatch lore, you’ll be familiar with why we’re getting another look at Reindhart’s shield and why everyone is going on about a Jetpack Cat. For the rest of you, come in and take a look at what might be your next main.

Overwatch’s Twitter account posted a cryptic image showing off the first concept of what is undoubtedly Reinhardt’s shield, plus a paw and a ginger furry tail. The caption “Last minute check! Everyone squared away?” seems to suggest a reveal is imminent.

If you’re stumped by who or what Overwatch hero 27 could be, worry not. How does a knight, a cat, and a wicked-smart blacksmith of-sorts all tie together? Simple: her name is Brigitte. She has already essentially been confirmed by a leak on the Japanese Overwatch Twitter account and now, with her backstory (if you’re into that sort of thing) making it abundantly clear that she crafted Reinhard’s shield, it all makes sense.

As for Jetpack Cat? A feline hero was in the works and scrapped (via Gamespot) but, if the image rings true, we could be seeing the snugglepuss return in some way, shape or form as an accompaniment to Brigitte. If there’s something Overwatch is missing, it’s cats with jetpacks.

While Jetpack Cat is unlikely to be used in an offensive capacity, it’ll be interesting to see how the use of a jetpack to get around will factor in to the delicate ecosystem that is Overwatch. Either way, be on the look out in the next few days for Overwatch hero 27’s grand reveal.