Han Solo Season Comes to Battlefront 2 This Month

Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s upcoming season of DLC will be based around Han Solo. EA tweeted this morning that this DLC season will begin later this month and they’ll give us more details by the end of the week. This synergistic announcement coincides with the release of the upcoming film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Solo centers around the titular smuggler’s earlier years and is slated to release in theaters on May 25th. While we don’t yet know what Solo‘s DLC will entail, we can look at past seasons for an idea.

Battlefront 2‘s last season of DLC heavily featured aspects from the last Star Wars film, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. DICE released Finn and Captain Phasma as free multiplayer heroes and the planets Crait and D’Qar as maps (although the latter is from The Force Awakens).

Iden Versio, Battlefront 2‘s protagonist from the campaign, also returned in the free Resurrection DLC.  This single-player chapter loosely bridged the gap between the ending of Battlefront 2 and the beginning of The Last Jedi. It tells the short story of Versio journey to seek revenge against Inferno Squad member Gideon Hask.

And while DICE loves to release and tease announcements based around other Star Wars TV shows and movies, some content isn’t as… normal. DICE released a limited-time Ewok Hunt mode on April 18th which pits Stormtroopers against the Stars Wars‘ marketable alien bears. Each felled Stormtrooper spawns as an Ewok until all of the Empire’s finest is murdered or until an extraction team arrives.

That same update also brought back something a little less fuzzy and enjoyable: microtransactions. After the controversy surrounding the “pay-to-win” tactics involving paying real money for objectively better items, DICE rolled back the decision. They promised that the microtransactions would return, but not after overhauling the game’s sluggish progression system.