Super Smash Bros Ultimate is Getting a Limited Edition

Super Smash Bros Ultimate had a deluge of information today thanks to the Nintendo Direct around it, but there is one more bit of news for the platform-fighting game. The game will be receiving a Limited edition version, aptly called the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Limited Edition. It will release alongside the standard edition of the game on December 7 on the Switch.

This limited edition version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate will come in a limited edition box that includes a copy of the game, a Super Smash Bros. version of the GameCube controller, and an adapter for the classic controller. However, there is no current indication on whether the limited edition will be coming to America or any other territories outside of Europe. This is since only the NintendoUK VS Twitter account has announced the news.

It is unfortunate that there is only one controller bundled with the limited edition. This means that players will need to purchase more GameCube controllers if they want to play with friends using the classic controller. However, fans can pre-order the controller by itself for $30 at the time of writing. Additionally, players can get third-party GameCube controllers styled after Link, Pikachu, and Mario from PDP which might be cheaper than the official controllers.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released worldwide December 7, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

You can find more news about the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate direct below: