Horizon Zero Dawn 2 PS5 reveal rumored after devs delete tweets

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 PS5 reveal is rumored to be taking place in Thursday’s “PS5 – The Future of Gaming” streaming event. If these rumors prove true, we may be getting a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 first look on the PlayStation 5 much sooner than we might have expected.

Guerilla Games’ Lead Animator Richard Oud and Senior Quest Designer Blake Rebouche both retweeted PlayStation’s tweet announcing a streaming event that’s scheduled to arrive on June 4, 2020. The live stream promises to show more than an hour’s worth of new PS5 games.

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Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is rumored to be in the works following several job postings by Guerilla Games more than a year ago. The natural conclusion, of course, is that these two senior Guerilla Games developers were hinting that something new will be shown from Guerilla Games at The Future of Gaming — and it may well be Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 PS5 reveal rumored deleted tweets

Both tweets were screenshotted by Respawn First before being deleted. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to uncover any archives or other independent corroboration after a thorough search, so we can’t confirm that they’re genuine with 100% certainty.

That said, we’ve been seeing more and more rumors hinting towards a potential Horizon Zero Dawn 2 PS5 reveal. According to some of these other rumors, Sony has definitely greenlit a sequel that will be part of a trilogy; the sequel is also rumored to include a co-op as one of many new features.

So, will we see a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 PS5 reveal at the PS5 – The Future of Gaming event? Considering the apparent slip-up by two Guerilla Games developers and the growing number of rumors surrounding a sequel in the works, I think the odds are good that we may be in for a surprising reveal very soon.