Leaked Fortnite Cowinator weapon can lift and throw objects at enemies

A new series of Fortnite leaks has revealed a new weapon, the Cowinator. This gun can lift up objects within the world and throw them at enemies, adding a new layer to the game’s gunplay. Fortnite has never played with gravity quite like this.

What is the Fortnite Cowinator weapon? 


The Cowinator is the latest leaked gun in Fortnite, uncovered in the recent Season 7 update. You can use it to hold objects mid-air, then fire the weapon to toss them at enemies. From leaked images, we know it’s a relatively small handgun-like weapon, though we don’t yet know exactly how the shooting mechanics will work with the Cowinator.

It sure sounds like a fun gun to play around with, but its utility in combat might be limited, depending on how Epic Games utilize the gravity-bending mechanics.

Information unveiled by the Fortnite leaker Hypex gave some details about how to get the Cowinator in-game. They say it’ll cost 600 Gold, and you can buy it from NPCs across the map. There’s also a few notable components that the gun can’t lift: namely other players, and your own vehicle.

We also don’t know exactly when the Cowinator will arrive in Fortnite. The new update 3.21 launched today, but it seems like the gun still isn’t in the game yet. As Season 7 continues to progress – with alien invasions, new NPC skins and even the return of Thanos – we’re sure to hear more about the Cowinator.

The leaks also revealed the return of the Prop Gun, previously used in the limited-time Prop Hunt mode. That’ll also cost 600 Gold, and might even suggest a return of the beloved party mode.

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