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Fortnite Shutting Down: Is Fortnite Ending?

Rumors of Fortnite shutting down are worrying many players, who are starting to ask the question: “Is Battle Royale ending?” A fake tweet has been making the rounds claiming that the game will shut down on September 26, 2018. Of course a quick look at the official Fortnite Twitter is enough to verify this isn’t true, but that hasn’t kept fans from freaking out.

Is Fortnite Shutting Down on September 26, 2018?

Fortnite Fake Tweet


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If there’s something people like, you can bet there’ll be people on the internet trying to ruin it for them. This has been the case several times with Fortnite. Fake tweets and statements purporting to be from Epic Games aren’t exactly rare, and the image above shows one of the many very dumb “official” notices that Fortnite is shutting down.

For one it makes no sense that Epic Games would just give up the absolute money rocketship that is Fortnite. For another, this isn’t the type of announcement that would be thrown out into the void on social media. If Fortnite was to shut down you could rest assured the news would be on the official website, official Twitter, and probably CNN and every news organization on the planet.

Yesterday’s best comment

Tell GR: Which game series should be handled by a different developer?

DJJ66: “Assassin’s Creed by Hideo Kojima. Imagine the gordian knot of narratives that lunatic would dream up. Also, Zelda by Yoko Taro, and Super Mario Bros by Suda 51 or Shinji Mikami.

Murray recently spoke to about the past, present, and future of No Man’s Sky:

“I always underestimate how big it’s going to be, thinking, ‘Right, now we’re entering a quiet period where the pressure eases off a bit and there are fewer people playing.’ The game has drastically changed since it’s initial release in 2016, after numerous large updates, bringing in new features such as multiplayer, base-building, new vehicles, and permadeath options. Murray continued in the interview to state, “As a naïve studio, we definitely got excited about our game, people got excited, and we talked about it way too early.”



The Grand Prix’s rules explain the Steam wishlist reward in more detail further down the page, clarifying that what matters is the order of users’ wishlists, not the games within them:

“Each day throughout the Grand Prix, random members of the top first, second and third place teams will receive the top item from their Steam Wishlist. Random members of the overall Grand Prix winning teams will be awarded up to three of the top items from their Steam Wishlist.”

Fortnite Shutting Down: Older Rumors

It’s no wonder that rumors of Fortnite shutting down have caused such a huge amount of panic within the gaming community. When a game as popular as Fortnite is facing doom, you can expect the passionate community to rally together and make their voices heard. Unfortunately, this time the Fortnite community were being misled by a Photoshop-wielding troll.

An image of a tweet made to look as though it had been sent from the official @FortniteGame Twitter account began to do the rounds on various Fortnite social media fan pages. The edited tweet explained that “due to a lawsuit against PUBG on copyright infringement… Fortnite Battle Royale will be coming to an end May 24, 2018.”

Fortnite Deep Dab exploit is letting players get easy headshots

A new Fortnite emote is causing big issues. The “Deep Dab” emote might have been a hilarious new addition to the game’s emote arsenal, if not for the fact that it allows players to get easy headshots!

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled online issues fixed

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled‘s launch was tainted by a terrible online experience. Disconnects and lag ruined the competitive experience. Thankfully, the issues were quickly remedied in the 1.02 patch.

NBA 2K19 contains seemingly unskippable loading screen ads

NBA 2K19 is a full-priced game, with an RRP of $60. Despite this, users have come across lengthy ads during the “2KTV” segments of the game.

Rather than check to make sure the tweet had come from the Fortnite account, fan pages began to share it, ultimately leading to a massive wave of panic.

One of the original PlayStation’s best JRPGs, The Legend of Dragoon, demands the remake treatment, as its script is rife with translation errors and a clichéd narrative. In addition to fixing these issues, a modern revival of Japan Studio’s classic should overhaul the game’s cinematics and preserve its challenging turn-based combat. With the genre experiencing a resurgence in recent years thanks to the likes of Dragon Quest 11 and Final Fantasy 15, now would be a great time for Sony to jump in on the bandwagon.

Fortnite Shutting Down: Possible PUBG Lawsuit and Copyright Infringement?

The talk of Fortnite shutting down because of a possible lawsuit is believable, I suppose, what with how the PUBG creators are targeting NetEase over Rules of Survival and other battle royale titles. But no, Fortnite isn’t going to be shut down due to a lawsuit with PUBG. Nothing of the sort has been mentioned by either company.

Whenever “news” like this starts to spread, it’s always good to check the original source.

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