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How much is Phasmophobia? | Is it free-to-play?

How much is Phasmophobia? Is it a free-to-play game? Many are wondering what it costs to capitalize on the current hype surrounding Kinetic Games’ ghost hunting title. Here’s the Phasmophobia price on Steam for PC.

Is Phasmophobia free?

How much is Phasmophobia?

When an unheard of game, like Phasmophobia, explodes in popularity it can be easy to assume that it’s free. Why else would everybody be playing it, right? Although that can be the case, other times positive word of mouth is all that’s needed.

Phasmophobia is not free to play. As for how much it costs, the Phasmophobia price on Steam is $13.99. The one purchase allows users to play on a monitor or in VR — there is no separate Phasmophobia VR version.

Anybody wondering if the game has legs to justify the purchase can study the Phasmophobia DLC roadmap and see what the developers have planned. There are several new maps and items on the way, along with a potential PvP mode in which players can control the ghost.

Since there’s plenty more to come, the budget Phasmophobia asking price seems pretty reasonable. There’s a lot to the game, as well; Phasmophobia features mysterious mechanics like the Sanity system and voodoo doll which the community is banding together to solve. In fact, the moment-to-moment gameplay takes some getting used to in general, which is exciting for anybody in search of something different.

For anyone planning to purchase now that they know how much Phasmophobia costs, there are plenty of guides on Game Revolution to help out. Too concerned to go into the horror game blind and/or alone? Find out if there a jump scares and if there’s co-op to play with friends. For something more specific, learn how to use equipment like the camera, crucifix, smudge sticksspirit box, and ouija board in Phasmophobia.