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No Man’s Sky Technology Module: How to Get Tech Modules

Technology Modules are a new crafting item in No Man’s Sky. After playing for a bit, you’ll notice that a lot of the better items require one Technology Module or more to craft. Unfortunately, these things are a bit hard to come by. There are a few ways to get your hands on Tech Modules in No Man’s Sky, and given how rare they are you’ll want to use all the methods at your disposal to amass as many as you can.

How to Find Technology Modules in No Man’s Sky

The easiest, and by far most expensive, way to get Tech Modules is to hit up the trade console at your nearest Space Station or Trade Outpost. Unfortunately, on the market Technology Modules go for upwards of 60,000 Units. When you’ve been playing the game for a while, that’s chump change. Starting out, though, you’re going to have to pick which blueprints you build carefully if you’re buying modules off the market.

Another way to get Technology Modules in No Man’s Sky is to buy tech upgrades at the merchants located in each space station. You need to install the upgrades first and then dismantle them. When you dismantle an upgrade after equipping it, there’s a chance that you’ll get a Tech Module in return. The higher level the upgrade, the more likely you are to get modules.

There is also a possible third way to find Technology Modules. I haven’t seen one, but the patch notes for the NEXT update says you can find Tech Modules underground by using the Terrain Manipulator. However, so far I’ve only found Salvaged Technology, so they’re either rare, or it was a typo in the notes.

How to Get Tech Modules in No Man’s Sky if you haven’t played since before the NEXT update

If you have an old save in No Man’s Sky, you’ll get a bit of a leg up when it comes to getting Technology Modules. When you load the game after installing the NEXT update, you’ll notice a whole bunch of your stuff has been changed into “Obsolete Technology.” Once you catch your breath after screaming about how all your hard work equipment is gone, you’ll figure out what Obsolete Technology can be used for.

Dismantling an Obsolete Technology in No Man’s Sky will usually net you around three Technology Modules. If you previously played the game for a considerable amount of time, you’ll likely find your coffers overflowing with Technology Modules by the time you get done dismantling everything.

However, the above doesn’t help much if you’re starting a new save. If you don’t have any Obsolete Technology to recycle, then there are only two (possibly three) other ways to get your hands on some Tech Modules in No Man’s Sky.

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