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How to switch from first-person to third-person camera on PC and console in No Man’s Sky

With the No Man’s Sky NEXT update you can change from first-person to third-person and see your character for the first time. On initial release, the game was strictly a first-person affair, but since the introduction of multiplayer, No Man’s Sky allows you to customize and see your personal and other players’ avatar. This adds another whole gameplay loop since there are new currencies dedicated to changing the way you look. Below we’ll tell you how to change your camera from first-person to third-person in No Man’s Sky.

How to Change From First-Person to Third-Person in No Man’s Sky

The new third-person view isn’t hard to access at all. To change from first-person camera to third-person camera in No Man’s Sky, you have to first have the NEXT update installed. If you own the game, this should happen automatically for you as long as your system is connected to the internet. Once that’s installed you can go in-game.

You’ll start out in first-person view, but once you have No Man’s Sky NEXT, you can switch to third-person view easily. To do so, you need to do the following:

  • Push down on your d-pad, and a menu will appear.
  • Look for “Utilities.”
  • Scroll to it and push X (PS4) or A (Xbox One).
  • Look through the options until you find “Toggle Camera View.”
  • Toggle the option, and you’ll be playing in third-person mode.
  • To switch back to the first-person camera, just follow the same process.

Interested in No Man’s Sky? Here’s the official description for more info:

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No Man’s Sky is an epic science fiction adventure set across an infinite universe, in which every star is the light of a distant sun, orbited by planets filled with life – each yours to visit. Explore never before seen worlds and trade, fight and survive on a galactic scale.


Explore uncharted solar systems and catalogue unique new forms of life. Every planet’s landscape is different from the next and populated by species never before encountered.


Every solar system, planet, ocean and cave is filled with danger, and you are vulnerable. Battle attack ships, fend off dangerous predators, and survive in hazardous environments. Every encounter will test your skills to the limit.


How you play No Man’s Sky is up to you, but you shouldn’t take your voyage lightly. Collect precious resources on the surfaces of planets, trade them with alien races and build the equipment that will take you to your destiny in the stars.