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No Man’s Sky Remap Keys Bug | Is there a fix to change keyboard controls?

No Man’s Sky has just released its biggest update yetNo Man’s Sky Beyond or Update 2.0, and it transforms the game even further by adding more robust multiplayer, bigger roles for NPCs, and VR support. However, being such a massive update for such a huge game, there was bound to be problems. Perhaps one of the worst for PC owners of the game is the No Man’s Sky remap keys bug, which could totally ruin the PC version if it’s not got a fix. But is there one?

What is the No Man’s Sky remap keys bug?

No Man's Sky Remap Keys Bug fix

No Man’s Sky, like pretty much any PC game worth the megabytes it’s downloaded to, has the ability to customize controls and change keybindings. You can change mouse, keyboard, and gamepad control bindings from the main menu, so you can play the game like you want to. There’s nothing unusual about that, except that this new bug has removed this rather crucial option.

If you go to the controls screen above, you’ll see that all the options are blank (except, bizarrely, for ‘jump’) and cannot be changed. The No Man’s Sky Beyond patch did a lot of good, but it seems it broke the ability to remap keys too. Apparently this affects all versions of the game, including on Steam and GOG. But is there a fix?

Is there a No Man’s Sky remap keys bug fix to let you change keybindings?

The good news is that this particular bug doesn’t appear to actually disable any keys, it just hides them and won’t allow you to change them. If you’ve stuck with the default, you’ll be fine. If not, you’ll either have to make do with the default controls or use a gamepad. Then it’s simply a matter of waiting until the issue gets fixed by the developer. It shouldn’t be too long as it’s been widely reported by now.

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