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No Man’s Sky | How to get Pugneum

Finding Pugneum in No Man’s Sky is one of the more onerous tasks in the game. To do so puts you at odds with one of the core tenets of the game: don’t mess with Sentinels. Unfortunately, a few important quests require that you get Pugneum and some handy blueprints need it for crafting as well.

How to get Pugneum in No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky Pugneum

To get Pugneum in No Man’s Sky, you have to destroy Sentinels. There is no other source for the material which is described in-game as:

This oily, unsettling liquid leaks from the circuitry of Sentinels.

Prized by the Vy’keen, Pugneum is thought to share some essential properties with Nanites. It hums in a sinister fashion upon contact with organic matter.

That’s basically it. There’s no real trick to getting Pugneum. Since the Foundation update, you’ve been able to harvest it by destroying Sentinels.

What can I do with Pugneum in No Man’s Sky?

No Man's Sky Sentinel Pugneum

The first time you need Pugneum in No Man’s Sky is likely when you’re doing the base building quests. You’ll need 25 units to build a Weapons Terminal. Once you hire an Armorer to man the terminal, they’ll request you gather more Pugneum for them to research.

Additionally, you’ll need Pugneum to craft several blueprints:

  • Exocraft Mining Laser Upgrade Sigma
    • 50 Pugneum
    • 50 Chromatic Metal
  • Exocraft Mounted Cannon
    • 50 Pugneum
    • 100 Copper
  • Scatter Blaster
    • 200 Pugneum
    • 1 Technology Module

What does Pugneum refine into in No Man’s Sky?

Pugneum is quite versatile when it comes to refining. You’ll get the following results:

  • 1 Carbon + 1 Pugneum = 1 Mordite
  • 1 Condensed Carbon + 1 Pugneum = 2 Mordite
  • 1 Coprite + 1 Pugneum = 2 Gold
  • 2 Ferrite Dust + 1 Pugneum = 3 Pure Ferrite
  • 1 Kelp Sac + 1 Pugneum = 2 Chlorine
  • 3 Magnestised Ferrite + 1 Pugneum = 4 Magnestised Ferrite
  • 1 Marrow Bulb + 1 Pugneum = 2 Ionized Cobalt
  • 1 Mordite + 1 Pugneum = 1 Gold
  • 10 Pugneum = 1 Nanite Cluster
  • 2 Pure Ferrite + 1 Pugneum = 3 Magnetised Ferrite
  • 1 Sodium + 1 Pugneum = 1 Sodium Nitrate
  • 1 Sodium Nitrate + 1 Pugneum = 3 Sodium Nitrate

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