Just Cause 4 Leaks on Steam

Walmart Canada has claimed, or foreshadowed, another victim. An image for Just Cause 4 has made its way on to Steam. The platforms and release date were not in the leak. Publisher Square Enix and alleged developer Avalanche Studios have not commented on the issue. The store page on Steam is not active.

This leak, found by Twitter user MXAGhost, is yet another hole in the leaky ship that is E3. Walmart Canada may win the Leakiest Leak of Leaks in 2018 so far, but it has been followed up by a bunch of smaller accidental reveals. This is, as Rage 2 has shown us, the second leak by developer Avalanche Studios. While not confirmed, Avalanche Studios (one of them at least) has developed each of the last three Just Cause games.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was leaked (via keychain) then confirmed. The aforementioned Rage 2 was also confirmed shortly after the Walmart Canada incident. Crackdown 3‘s delay slipped out and then was confirmed. The Paladins Switch port was accidentally unveiled. There are also unconfirmed leaks from Nintendo’s E3 lineup to Devil May Cry 5’s existence to what Fallout 76 actually is.

Assuming they carry on with developing the series that they started, Avalanche Studios has been a busy studio as of late. On top of opening up a studio and helping develop Rage 2, they were also recently acquired by Nordisk Film, a Nordic entertainment company. One of their new studios announced a new game today called Generation Zero. It’s an open-world cooperative first-person shooter set in the 1980s.

As for Just Cause 4, the picture doesn’t give much to go on but it, given the trees and greenery, looks to continue the trend of open, tropical worlds. All of the three other games starred Rico Rodriguez as he toppled dictators in different countries. Rico seems to be returning in this game along with his trusty grappling hook. Square Enix will most likely be sharing more details on Just Cause 4 on Monday at 10 am PST during their press conference at E3.