Fortnite isn’t coming to Soulja Boy consoles, says Epic Games

Soulja Boy has made many claims about his line of five gaming consoles, but it looks like the Fortnite Soulja Boy collaboration isn’t happening. Following his claims that Fortnite would be playable on his consoles, DualShockers reached out to Epic Games’ Senior PR Manager, Nick Chester, who reported that a “rooted or jailbreak device” like Soulja Boy’s would be impossible to play Fortnite on.

Speaking on the matter, Chester said that “anti-cheat measures” would prevent Fortnite from being directly compatible with Soulja Boy’s consoles, given the jailbroken nature of the software. So, no, you won’t be able to play Fortnite on a Soulja Boy console at any point in the future, which is another blow for the rapper.

This isn’t the first time Soulja Boy has been confronted by a major games developer – since his first console was announced in November 2018, rumors of a lawsuit by Nintendo or SEGA forced him to temporarily shut down sales of his consoles.

Near the end of December 2018, Soulja Boy then claimed that his consoles had sold more than five million units since launch in a now-deleted tweet. While there’s no way for us to verify this claim, another tweet from his account claims that a Soulja Boy SouljaTech store is reportedly in the works, selling his consoles and SouljaWatch from a storefront in California.

Since then, the SouljaWatch site has been brought down, with Soulja Boy claiming in yet another tweet that a cameraman formerly employed by him apparently hacked the site. The site is still down at the time of publication, so anyone wanting to buy the SouljaWatch – or his newly announced handheld console – will have to find them on Amazon, Alibaba, and a handful of other sites, often for cheaper prices.

In other Soulja Boy news, he has also claimed that he’s venturing into esports, looking to form teams to play FortniteCall of DutyOverwatch, and Counterstrike: Global Offensive. Indeed, a Fortnite Soulja Boy esports team might even involve streamer Ninja, who Soulja Boy says is a “good friend” of his.