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Fortnite Boogie Down Emote: How to Get The Free Boogie Down Emote

Fancy a free Fortnite emote? No, this isn’t clickbait or some nasty trickery: this is the real thing. As of right now, you can get a Fortnite Boogie Down emote courtesy of the fine folks at Epic? Why’s that? It’s pretty simple: Epic wants your security beefed up, and is giving you an incentive to do so once you sort the 2FA required to be added to your Epic account.

How to Get the Free Fortnite Boogie Down Emote

To get the Fortnite free Boogie Down emote then you have to enable two-factor authentication (2FA, as Epic coins it) on your account. There’s a good-to-great chance you’ve already seen the pop up in-game and quickly ignored it, eager to get going with some of the new 5.30 update trinkets and goodies. Don’t worry, however, you can still get the free emote.

Simply go to and log-in to your Epic account. Click your username and head to “Account Settings.”

Once there, press “Password and Security” and make your way down to “Two Factor Sign-In” and press the blue button below it. You’ll then be instructed on how to backup your account. The process means you’ll be emailed anytime someone tries to sign in to your Epic account on a new device.

You can now log back into your Fortnite game and see the Boogie Down emote just waiting for you. Even better, if you’ve already activated 2FA then you don’t need to do anything different because you’ll have the free Boogie Down emote in your inventory.

Those who missed out on the pop-up (and even clicked “Never Show Again,” tut tut) can still take advantage of the offer with no issues. Just follow the steps above and you’ll also be shaking what your momma gave ya in no time.

There is no expected end date for this, nor has Epic given any indication of the reward for enabling 2FA changing but, still, it’s best to get this down as soon as possible – for your own safety, if nothing else.

Fortnite 5.30 Update Details

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